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Are you looking for nursing programs to update your skillset? You can access the knowledge you need right here. Many of our nursing courses are delivered in partnership with the experts at the US Army Medical Center of Excellence, or MEDCoE. The organisation trains all the army's serving medical personnel, and is committed to setting and maintaining the highest educational standards. You’ll find high quality free online nursing courses covering in-depth medical knowledge as well as practical nursing skills.

Medicine is constantly evolving with advancements in technology and treatments, so it’s natural that you are required to undertake ongoing studies to keep up to date with developments. Our courses will refresh your knowledge of some of the fundamentals of nursing and guide you to a deeper understanding of some of the body’s systems - especially useful if you are interested in specializing in a particular area of nursing. As a nurse you need to be resourceful and efficient, yet patient and compassionate. Your focus is not purely on the medical issue at hand, but on the person you are caring for. With our courses you will gain invaluable skills for communicating with patients and for ensuring their safety and wellbeing. You’ll also find courses to assist you as you progress up the ranks to a management role. Why not begin now? Simply register for your Alison account, select the course you wish to start with and take that vital next step in your nursing career today.

Top Free Online Nursing Courses

General Nursing

Approach nursing as the multidisciplinary career it is and get a grounding in the many aspects of the job, whether your work is in a hospital, doctor’s practice, care home, community or other setting. You’ll learn how to assist during a physical examination, supporting both the doctor and the patient, how to take specimens, measure a patient’s vital signs and much more. If you are working as a surgical nurse, or planning to move into that role, you will be aware of the vital part the surgical nurse plays at every stage of the patient’s journey, from the peri and pre-operative phases through to the recovery room. Enhance your practical skills and your ability to support a patient’s psychological wellbeing with our nursing courses, which include overcoming communication barriers. You can also learn how to work with patients with mobility difficulties, helping them retain or recover movement, and how to support them without injuring yourself.         

Clinical Skills

Approach patient care with confidence with our clinical skills courses. You can study the main systems of the body  - cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory and digestive - gaining expertise in common diseases and disorders of each system and an understanding of the treatments and procedures available. Learn how to accurately evaluate a neurology patient's vital signs, mental status, sensory functions, and level of consciousness and how to treat gastrointestinal disorders, administer insulin and work with a gastrostomy tube.  You can explore best practice for nursing patients with disorders of the upper or lower respiratory systems and how to support patients requiring surgery.  When it comes to cardiovascular surgeries, the first 48 hours post-surgery are vital and good pre and post-operative nursing care is key to avoiding, or dealing with complications. Our online nursing courses provide quality training in all aspects of providing the best care.



In nursing there are many opportunities for career advancement, especially if you enjoy responsibility. As an experienced and competent nurse you can acquire the skills you need to lead a team with our nursing training. Having the knowledge to do the job well is much more effective if you are a good communicator. As a nurse leader, you need to have a clear view of what is required in most situations and be able to give clear direction to staff. It is also important, in the world of nursing today, to have a good understanding of the impact of different cultures and religions in healthcare settings - for staff as well as patients. You need to be versed in the ethical principles of nursing. Part of being a leader involves educating others and our courses will help you grow in confidence as a manager, communicator and educator.

Life Support

Whether you are starting out in healthcare, or need to update your nursing certifications, our life support courses will bring you up to date information in saving lives in a range of situations. They include using defibrillators and opening the patient’s airways and cover everything from providing mouth to mouth or mouth to nose ventilation in the case of basic life support to mouth to mask and bag mask ventilation for cardiac patients. Paediatric life support has many unique features and our PALS training will help you identify respiratory disorder in a young patient and teach you about both medical devices and pharmacological tools at your disposal. These courses, provided by NHCPS, will help you achieve internationally recognised certification and potentially save many lives.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet therapy is not only vital for patients with intestinal, bowel and food related illnesses, it is often the primary therapy, ensuring the patients receive the nutrients they need. Having a good grasp of nutrition and diet will help you to keep patients on track to recovery. You can also study some of the factors that can influence patients’ food choices, from fads to finances, emotions to beliefs. Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies, a growing problem in many countries. Finally, having a sound knowledge of diet and nutrition is a vital part of your nursing education and will help you guide patients towards healthy choices in a range of settings.


If you would like to expand on your knowledge of how each of the body’s systems works and the pharmacological treatments for diseases and disorders, these courses are for you. You will learn about drug therapies used in the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems and gain an understanding of treatments for common conditions such as diabetes and COPD. You can also study the central nervous system, sensory and genitoruinary systems in greater depth and explore the drug and alternative therapies for everything from Alzheimer’s Disease to the menopause. These wide-ranging courses will enhance your understanding of both prescription and non-prescription drugs which are widely used today.

Infectious Diseases

Nurses play a key role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and while general infection control is among the fundamentals of nursing, you may have cause to study some of the major diseases in the world in more depth. Our award-winning coronavirus course, which is available in approximately 70 languages, is updated weekly and can help you play your part in combatting the pandemic. Our free online courses will broaden your understanding of ebola, HIV, hepatitis B and malaria. You can also take a broader view of bloodborne pathogens (BBP) and how to create an Exposure Control plan. Keeping updated on blood work is essential in the world of nursing and you can gain or maintain your nursing certifications with the help of our BBP course.

Non-infectious Diseases

Explore some of the more common diseases you may need to deal with in the course of your nursing career. Hypertension, diabetes and COPD affect millions of people worldwide and you can encourage your patients with tips and techniques for living with these diseases, with the support of our Global Health Initiative courses. Exposure to asbestos is the most common cause of mesothelioma, however, this cancer is not limited to the lining of the lungs. Find out about the symptoms and treatment of pleural, peritoneal, pericardial and testicular mesothelioma. If you are new to nursing, or considering a career in nursing, our Introduction to Common Medical Conditions is an easy-to-follow course, packed with useful information.

Mental Health

Physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand and often nursing involves being tuned into a patient’s mental state. Whether you are working in the community or in a ward, or specialising in mental healthcare, having an understanding of the causes, symptoms and treatments of common mental illnesses is invaluable. Equip yourself with the tools to support your patients with one of these courses which cover everything from depression to suicidal ideation to substance abuse. The learning could prove useful beyond your day-to-day professional life as well, and help you to take care of your own wellbeing too. Visit our Mental Health Hub for further courses.

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