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A Case Study on Alison
Graduate Outcomes: Nigeria

A Case Study: Nigeria

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa with over 200 million people, and is forecast to become the world’s third most populous country by 2050.

Alison CEO Mike Feerick stated that the energy of the Nigerian people was something that hugely impressed him – as did the quality of the Alison Graduates and the stories they had to tell.

After meetings in Abuja and Lagos, Nigerian Alison Graduates told stories of how Alison impacted their lives. (You can see many of these interviews at Alison testimonials).

Graduate Outcomes: A Case Study – Nigeria Nov 2017

Learner Outcomes Percentage
Improved my Workplace Skills 35.5%
Gave me an Edge in My Workplace 26.9%
Changed My Life 8.6%
Boosted My Career 6.5%
Got a Job 5.4%
Boosted My Career 4.3%
Improved My Confidence 4.3%
Diversified My Skills 3.2%
Got an Interview 3.2%
Got a Promotion 2.2%