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Microsoft Excel 2010 - Revised 2017

Work with spreadsheets more efficiently and effectively with this free online Microsoft Excel 2010 tutorial course.

Publisher: Microsoft
This course provides a thorough understanding of Microsoft Excel 2010 and its most important applications. Excel remains one of the world’s most popular software applications and is a key tool used in most workplaces. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, this course teaches you tips and tricks, like hotkeys and other shortcuts, to quickly boost your productivity and career so sign up to get ahead of the competition.
Microsoft Excel 2010 - Revised 2017
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This course teaches you how to make full use of the revised 2010 version of Microsoft Excel. We explore the program’s menus and examine the different tasks it can perform. We present practical exercises and sample spreadsheets to show you how Excel handles basic math while we add and delete columns and rows and prepare the worksheet for printing. We demonstrate how to visually represent data to indicate trends, patterns and comparisons across charts, tables or other templates.

Excel 2010 boasts many improvements and new features. It can automatically perform calculations once you add in the formula, which makes it a great tool for analyzing data in accounts, budgets, billings and many other areas. This course explains how to work with formulas and functions before covering the use of ‘VLOOKUP’ to search through a spreadsheet’s data. We also lay out the steps required to calculate dates using formulas and check conditions with the ‘IF’ function before we describe the ‘save’ and ‘run’ macros.

You can use Microsoft Excel 2010 to keep track of almost any data, from work schedules to stocks and beyond. The program is a vital business budgeting tool and is employed worldwide by a range of industries. Every office has its ‘Excel experts’ who stand apart from their peers so sign up for this training course to become one of them.

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