Alison Business recognizes that achieving sustainable solutions to global challenges in continuous learning and educational development requires a tailored solution to work in close collaboration with governments, partners of all sizes and the wider community.

Alison Business, via its Enterprise route, partners with large companies, governments, not-for-profit organizations and education authorities around the world to improve and promote continuous learning, education and training.

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Enterprise - For large Companies & Organizations

Alison Business provides large companies and organizations with the option to access its online platform, features and 3000+ Courses via remote access API, providing large-scale interactive participation and open access to users across your organization.

Alison Business offers a simplified API integration process which bypasses the normal registration and login processes, allowing Enterprise clients to register users and log on the Alison Platform to complete courses, modules and diplomas. Once the API has been set up, there are no limits on the number of users.

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API - On-boarding Steps

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Purchase API

Alison Business Enterprise package is charged on an annual subscription basis, currently €2,500 which must be paid up-front prior to API integration. All costs are quoted in Euro currency.

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Purchase API

API Integration

Once an API is purchased, the ‘API Key’ will be submitted to the supplied email address within 24 hours.

The Partner must have the appropriate technical expertise on site to manage the API integration process. The person should be familiar with coding in any programming language with SOAP support and have an understanding of API integrations, endpoints and authentication protocols.

The ‘API Remote Access’ document is a technical step-by-step guide to completing integration and with appropriate technical expertise, API integration is simple to complete.

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Course Certificates -
Discounted Bulk Purchase

Organizations have the option to purchase certificates online via Alison Business Shop. Alison Certificate is a digital document issued on ‘verified’ successful completion of an Alison online course.

Certification is a great way to engage the learner, motivate continuous learning and reward their achievement. With the option to co-brand the certificate with your company logo, many organisations are purchasing certificates to reward their learners’ efforts and encourage continuous upskilling.

A significant discount is offered to Alison Business clients who wish to purchase certificates in bulk.

Cost Savings

25% Certificate Required 1 - 25
40% Certificate Required 26-149
55% Certificate Required 150 - 1000
80% Certificate Required 1000+