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Diploma in Sociology - Revised

Learn how society and culture combine to create the human world around us in this free online sociology diploma course.

Publisher: OpenStax College
This diploma course lays out the important concepts and methods of sociology to explain how humans organize themselves into large groups. The study of sociology is crucial for planning and understanding communities to effectively manage their problems. We establish that society is a complex phenomenon with multiple interacting elements and show you how to use sociology to understand them. Sign up to see the world around you with new eyes
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This diploma course introduces you to sociology and provides an overview of culture. We then examine the evolution of societies, particularly in the industrial and post-industrial era. We establish the importance of socialization and outline the problems people face if they do not adapt to their social context. There are various groups and subgroups within societies, and we study various examples and their interaction, including familial or political factions.

Race and ethnicity are among the most common markers of inequality globally. This course investigates the roles and behaviours of both dominant and subordinate groups to demonstrate how stereotyping perpetuates discrimination. We discuss the contrasting role and impact of gender, sex and educational inequalities on individuals in different contexts. We also track the roles that family, government, politics and religion have on society. Finally, the course takes you through the main research methods and techniques required to conduct sociological research.

Sociology can be fascinating and explains how people fit into their world by tracing how others perceive them. It also challenges people to see their social landscape in a more complex and interconnected way, which can help them navigate the world much more effectively and thoughtfully. This diploma course can also open up a wide range of career opportunities in companies and organizations around the world as it heightens your ability to understand those around you.

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