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Diploma in Service Marketing

Learn how to market your service effectively with the help of this free online service marketing course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online service marketing course teaches you about the marketing strategies that you can use to engage with and attract a much wider audience. Although customers typically understand what they need, and what they are willing to pay for, they often have trouble finding the services which fit their needs. In this course, you will learn about effective marketing strategies that you can use to help consumers find your business and services.
Diploma in Service Marketing
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    10-15 Hours
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This course will introduce you to the main concept of services marketing and look at the characteristics of a service. You will learn the importance of studying services marketing management as well as the impact of the micro-environment and macro-environment in the services marketing industry. The course will teach you how to identify potential marketing opportunities for your service business as well as how to breakdown the market that applies to your service.

You will then look at the consumers and study their behavior in order to come up with new services that will meet their needs. You will learn how to design a successful service and the processes that go with a service design. The course will teach you the importance of developing your service personnel and educating your customers as well as cover the management of service channels and designing the physical aspects of your service. You will also learn how to apply services marketing techniques to different types of services.

Effectively marketing a service can be achieved by first studying the underlying environment and the characteristics of service consumers. This course will teach business entrepreneurs and managers exactly how to do this in a profitable way. You will also get the chance to look at services marketing case studies that will give you some really detailed examples of this process in action. So, get started today, and level up in no time.

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