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Diploma in French Language Studies - Revised

Explore French in this free online course and master its phonetics, numbers, accents and common social conversations.

Publisher: University of Texas at Austin
This diploma course teaches you how to understand and speak basic French. We cover important phrases used to handle introductions, greetings, shopping and chores. We offer examples of everyday conversations discussing holidays, your studies and occupation, proficiencies and looking for a job. We explore the foundations of spoken French, and use short interviews to demonstrate its pronunciation. Sign up to master this famously beautiful tongue.
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    10-15 Hours
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This diploma language course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to speak basic French. We lay down the foundations of spoken foreign language skills by introducing you to the pronunciation of words and phrases through text and audio, reinforced with videos featuring interviews with French speakers.

The course focuses on topics like introductions, greetings, your studies, the holiday, television or looking for a job. We cover core language skills, such as understanding numbers, time, dates and the weather. We also examine key terms used around the workplace for various occupations. The course supplies the French vocabulary you need to discuss your home, household chores, shopping, how you spend your vacations and what you do in your spare time. We cover the pronunciation of the alphabet, French accents, accentuation, oral comprehension, written comprehension and vowels.

This diploma course also uses a grammar reference guide to ground your new conversational skills in a formal understanding of the ‘bones’ of the language. We can help anyone who wants to learn to speak French for use in business or social occasions. This might interest those planning a trip to any French-speaking country or region and suits anyone who wants to expand their horizons and communicate in ‘the Language of Love’.

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