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Diploma in Educational Psychology

Learn how to harness knowledge of educational psychology to teach more effectively in this free online diploma course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This diploma course helps you improve your teaching methods to fulfill your role more effectively by exploring classroom psychology. Teaching can be very challenging when confronted with the many different personalities and learning levels of students. How do you accommodate all of these different characters and abilities in a classroom? This diploma course helps you to use your newfound knowledge of psychology to complete this difficult task.
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Educational psychology addresses teaching and learning methods and studies cognitive development and aptitude assessment of learners. This diploma course compares teaching and learning and draws on behaviorism, a learning philosophy that focuses on operant conditioning and its important pedagogic implications. We then investigate psychological and social constructivism.

The course then tackles the most common mental issues encountered in the classroom, including learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disabilities, behavioural disorders, physical disabilities and sensory impairments. We lay out the specific skills and strategies required to work with students with these special educational needs. Finally, we examine student development and diversity and discuss its two core elements: gender and culture.

Educators require the desire and guts to stand in front of a class and teach but they also need compassion and special skills to connect with different students. This course is of great benefit to education professionals who would like to improve their teaching. Understanding how learners think and feel can boost your ability to understand and meet their educational needs so sign up to earn a diploma that signals your ability to do so.

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